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For those taking part online, here's how you can get involved!

- Make some signs and post them with the #SaveLucifer hashtag

- Create one of our adorable Lucifer finger puppets and post photos of them with #SaveLucifer hashtag

- Participate in our #SaveLucifer social media campaigning

- Join our #SaveLucifer discord that will go live on the day of the event to connect with other fans and help spread the word!

IRL Part

Want to make your own adorable Lucifer?  Now you can!  Just print off the template (below), and follow the construction instructions (also below).  Tada, you've got yourself a Luci!  Take photos of them and post them on social media with the #SaveLucifer hashtag, or bring them along to the London meet for photoshoots!

Puppet Template


Puppet Template


Puppet Template


Puppet Template


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