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We Made A Podcast!

We and our podcast-fandom friends have an entire Discord server dedicated to putting down ideas for podcasts and trying to actually make them, and the entire thing is, honestly, sort of like a collaborative thought-experiment. All ideas, no action. I think one entire episode came out of the entire thing. Not to say it was a bad idea - it's never a bad idea to have somewhere to spark creativity, and there were some great ideas in there! The point I'm really making here is that making podcasts, actually, is not the easiest thing in the world. Writing down an idea is the tip of the iceberg - then you've got to actually get hosts together at the same time, have recording equipment, record, edit, find a host... I've been trying for the past year or so without much luck.


PodUK has brought forth the opportunity to finally make a podcast a reality!! Myself, Bret and Chris have created the PodUKast, as we very definitely did not want to be Those Podcast Convention Creators without an actual podcast. And also we like podcasts and wanted to do one ourselves. Of course.

Each week, we'll be having casual chats with podcasters from various backgrounds and genres, with a definite emphasis on British podcasters. We want to shine a spotlight on the creative processes, ideas and fantastic creators in, in particular, the British podcasting world. Doing PodUK showed us that the British podcasting community is a vibrant, positive, collaborative one, and we want to celebrate that in as many ways as as possible. We hope we can do that with the PodUKast :)

You can listen to it in various places, including this website (, Spotify, Stitcher, etc. The direct RSS feed link is:, and the Podbean website is It will be on Itunes, as soon as it gets approved, because that process can take a few days. Or more than a few days.

We have some fantastic podcasters lined up over the next few months, so we hope you enjoy! Plus, do you have a podcast you'd like to chat with us about? You can! Hit up the 'contact' page on this website or email us directly at to tell us more.

(By the way - if anyone's wondering about transcripts, the plan is to have them, but it turns out that keeping up with fast spoken word conversations deadens my fingers after about 15 minutes of speedy typing so uh, it might take a little bit. Maybe I'll open up a Google Doc for people to collaboratively help us in, or something.)

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