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UK's First Podcasting Fan Convention!

Updated: Aug 16, 2018

Rocksalt Events recently announced PodUK, the UK's first podcasting fan convention! It's going to be a day celebrating UK podcasting, geared towards the amazing fan communities that podcasting has created. PodUK will feature a host of brilliant British podcasters (to be announced soon!), and will feature panels, live recordings, meet n’ greets, workshops, fan meets and more.

Why podcasting, you might ask? It's certainly a bit of a change from SPN fan events! Here's the thing: podcasting fandoms are popping up all over the place, and they're a passionate lot. While a lot of these fandoms originated in the US, the UK is catching up quickly; we know the fans are out there, but we saw that there weren't any podcasting events in the UK aimed directly at them - yet. (Though don't get me wrong - we love the podcasting events that are already happening in the UK! Check out the Podcast Festival in September, as a fantastic example.) We want to help bring the podcasting fandoms together; I myself have spent the last year arranging fan meets for fans of the McElroy Brothers' vast podcasting oeuvre, and, well, it was my new friends & family that gave me the idea.

The most active podcasting fandoms, it seems, are born from podcasts that tell stories - think Critical Role, Welcome to Night Vale, The Adventure Zone, The Bright Sessions, Wooden Overcoats.. but podcasting is such a malleable art form with passionate people covering every topic imaginable, and with passion comes fans. With fans comes community. More and more, people are choosing to listen to podcasts as their chosen form of entertainment, and that deserves to be celebrated, I think.

PodUK comes from that celebratory desire; the want to give back and give these fandoms somewhere they can congregate. Somewhere you can cosplay as your favourite character! Arrange fan meets for your favourite podcasts! Meet new like-minded friends, meet some fantastic podcasters, be inspired to create your own podcast.. the list goes on. We're so happy to have seen such a positive reception to PodUK so far - all we can do is put our all into making the day the best it can be, in return. :)

At a fanmeet, we were all Matt Doyle

PodUK will take place on the 2nd February 2019 in Birmingham, and will be hosted by the unique Millennium Point venue right around the corner from Birmingham New Street. Tickets are available to buy from £15 using this link. For all information, including upcoming guest announcements, you can go to, or @podukcon on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

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