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Staying in Birmingham For PodUK 2020

Updated: Jan 6, 2020

Many PodUK attendees will be coming from around the UK (or even from across the ocean!) to attend PodUK, and a percentage will likely not be too familiar with Birmingham as a travel destination. But don't worry! It's a fantastic travel hub, and is easy to get around. I've compiled some information to help you out on your stay!


Getting To Birmingham




A Photo Guide to Walking to Millennium Point

Getting To Birmingham

The most efficient way to get to Birmingham from London is to get the train from London Euston to Birmingham New Street. Prices vary depending on booking times - I've booked a return for around £15 in the past, and currently they're showing as about £20 - 30. (Cheaper with a railcard!) The journey takes about an hour 1/2 - 2 hours, depending on the service you get. West Midlands takes a little longer but is cheaper, and Virgin is faster but more expensive. (And also a bit more comfortable.) Another option is London Marylebone to Birmingham Moor Street for ~£30.

With a quick bit of googling, it seems like from most major cities outside of the midlands area it's around £40-£50 for a return train journey to Birmingham.

If you don't mind longer coach journeys, you can book a 2hr 45 - 3hr 30 minute return coach journey from London for as little as £7!

For those coming in from overseas, there's Birmingham International. Here's a list of airports it connects directly with. Birmingham International is also the stop directly before Birmingham New Street, and has a decent amount of budget hotels right across the street. If you can avoid having to fly to London and then come back out again to come to Birmingham, it'll likely be more cost effective. See what your options are!


Within Millennium Point, the venue has paired with Laghi's Deli,ho are generously offering PodUK attendees a meal deal: a pizza, soft drink/water & a snack (crisps or a doughnut) for £8.50. Just show your lanyard to qualify for this deal!

There are also lots of food places within walking distance of Millennium Point:

- Just across the road from Millennium Point you'll find The Woodman pub, which has an extensive food menu available til 7pm. Perfect for if you don't want to go too far from the venue.

- A few minutes down the road, by Jennens Court student halls, you can find a Subway, Chicago Gourmet Burger Company, and Coffee Kup.

- Delivery services have a huge list of partnered companies in Birmingham that you can order to the venue: Just Eat | Uber Eats

If you are going to be having a packed day, we recommend bringing along food & drink of your own, as well! Don't get caught out! Promenade tables might be handing out freebie snacks, but don't subsist on those alone.


Millennium Point is an incredibly accessible venue, often using escalators and elevators as the primary form of getting from floor to floor. Every room is wheelchair accessible, and there is an induction loop installed across the venue.

If you are worried about seating in any particular panel or workshop, please get in touch. We will endeavour to set aside accessible seating in each activity regardless.

If you would like to bypass the stairs to get into the IMAX, see one of our volunteers, who will take you to the elevator leading to the back of the IMAX, where there is wheelchair space and easier accessibility to seating.


Although Millennium Point isn’t situated right by a hotel, there are many dotted around the city that are only a few minutes’ walk away, or a few minutes’ Uber away. Here are some of the cheaper, more well-reviewed options, with prices filtered by searching for rooms on the 31st Jan - 1st Feb 2020 for a 2 person room.

- Premier Inn Birmingham City - Aston Hotel (£30/night, 5 minute drive or ~15 minute walk to MP)

- Travelodge Birmingham Central Moor Street (£32/night, 15 minute walk or 10 minute drive to MP)

- Aparthotel Adagio Birmingham City Centre (£59 /night, 5/10 minute drive or ~15 minute walk to MP)

- The Holiday Inn Express – Snow Hill (£59 /night, 5/10 minute drive or ~20 minute walk to MP)

- Clayton Hotel Birmingham (£99 /night (~5 minute walk to MP)

- Conference Aston Hotel (£72 - 98/night, 4 minute drive or ~10 minute walk to MP)

A Photo Guide to Walking to Millennium Point

It can be a little confusing trying to find Millennium Point for the first time if you're walking! Here is a photo guide that'll show you how to get there from outside Birmingham New Street station.

1) Walk straight towards the Bullring Shopping Centre as you come out of Birmingham New Street.

2) There are two options here: you can go in to the Bullring and go all the way left through the length of the centre, including passing through the brief outdoor space between Five Guys & Mango and back in again. Once you are completely through the Bullring and outside for the second time, you'll see Birmingham Moor Street Station across the road - pass that, and keep going until you reach number 9 in this guide. You'll already be on the right side of the road, hopefully, so just keep heading downhill. Unfortunately, Google Maps doesn't have interior Bullring photos, so I'll actually show you this way instead.

Once you reach the road, swing a left and head past the bus stops.

3) Keep going straight toward the ramp leading upwards, to the left of the underpass.

4) Head up the ramp, and you'll see the shops ahead of you.

5) Head the direction the arrow is point, where you'll go past Waterstones. (It's difficult to see in this photo, but it's the brown building next to Nationwide)

6) Keep going down the high street, past Primark, past Barclays.

7) Keep going until you see Holland & Barratt.

8) Take a right just before H&B and go down Carr's Lane.

9) Once you reach the intersection, you'll want to cross the road and head downhill to the left. There are multiple crossings, so whichever you want to take.

10) Keep going downhill until you reach where the road splits off by Clayton Hotel.

11) Take the path to the Hotel, keeping on heading downhill.

12) Keep heading downhill.

13) Keep heading down the road past Clayton Hotel - either side of the road is fine.

14) Cross at the traffic lights (or keep going if you were on the other side of the road anyway!)

15) This is what you'll see straight as you cross over. You're at Millennium Point! Now you just need to get to the entrance. Keep heading forward.

16) When you see the Woodman on the right, you're pretty much there.

17) Turn down here to your left, and you'll be at Millennium Point! :) When you head inside, follow the signage to PodUK 2020!

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