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So you want to perform at PodUK 2020...?

Last year, myself, Bret and Chris started PodUK on a whim. We e-mailed podcasters, laughing to ourselves all the while, since we thought we were simply throwing emails into the void. Well, funnily enough, not the case! We somehow managed to gather together an amazing lineup of podcasters, and it's then we realised - people want to perform their art. Of course they do! So!

This year, we're turning the applications to you!

We know there are many of you out there who would love to take to the stage, and we'd like you to tell us why, so we've set up an application form. A few things before I link it -

- This form is going to be open for a while - we fully expect to not start choosing until into the summer, so if you don't hear anything for a while... that's why!

- We'd love to host each and every one of you, but time constraints are real, unfortunately. At max we can have about 8/9 45-minute slots over the course of the day. We are hopefully going to be opening up a lot more table space, though!

- This particular form is for performances of podcasts only, currently. We'll be looking at panels later on!

- Any genre of podcast is welcome to apply, though keep in mind that we're a fan convention first and foremost - our emphasis is on the fun, geeky and lighthearted (or a mix of the three)!

You can find the form here:

As for why you should apply? So many reasons!!

- Perform your podcast to a live audience with your podcast logo proudly displayed on an IMAX SCREEN. Hell yes.

- Meet your fans in person, and create new fans!

- Have a live recording of your podcast to do with what you like

- Boost your podcast's visibility within the Brit Pod Scene

- Represent the Brit Pod Scene at an event that's garnering interest nationally and internationally!

And more besides.

We can't wait to hear from you! If you'd like to ask us anything about any of all this, hit us up at - or you can use the 'contact' page above!

- Jess, Bret & Chris

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