PodUKast Episode 12 - PodUK 2020 Retrospective + Transcript

Bret 0:00

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Jess Anson 0:46

Hello and welcome to the UK PodUKast! I'm Jess, it's been a while but we're back.

Bret 0:52

Yes, I - we're a bit rusty. But don't worry, I'm Bret, and I'm alive again.

Chris 0:57

I'm Chris and it's very windy.

Jess Anson 1:02

[laughter] You're not wrong! We're recording this on the day of storm Chiara so you might get some some ambient noises in the background

Chris 1:08

but don't worry it's not ghosts

Jess Anson 1:11

...Oo. I'd be okay with that though.

Bret 1:12

Nobody was worrying about ghosts until just now.

Chris 1:15

Okay now now worry about ghosts.

Jess Anson 1:18

can you imagine if you caught a ghost on podcast? For the first time ever!

Chris 1:22

That must be a podcast already right

Bret 1:24

it's gotta be - most haunted but it's a podcast

Chris 1:28


Bret 1:28

let's get them next year

Jess Anson 1:31

we should

Bret 1:33

see if Millennium point is haunted

Jess Anson 1:36

Millennium Point doesn't have haunted energy, but there are a few venues I've been to before thatdefinitely do have haunted energy.

Chris 1:42

yeah. Yeah. Last week. We did a convention.

Bret 1:45

Yeah, that happened.

Chris 1:47

Yeah, it was only a week ago. Feels like it was months ago now because

Jess Anson 1:53

this week has shot by compared to January which really, really, really dragged

Bret 1:58

January really crawled, but That meant that meant I didn't feel like I had 20 minutes to do all of the art like it - like last year, where I was panicking and doing like, a minute before we ordered it.

Jess Anson 2:12

There's always something to panic about right at the - right at the last minute, you know, always

Bret 2:16

Well, yeah.

Jess Anson 2:17

That's just how event planning goes. How are you guys feeling post event?

Chris 2:22


Bret 2:23

Yeah, pretty good. Yeah. I managed to - I think I'm the only one here that managed to actually sleep on the night of the event. So I was pretty good The morning after to be honest. Almost got stranded in Birmingham, but it didn't so that's fine.

Jess Anson 2:37

Yeah, almost!

Bret 2:40

But yeah, I'm feeling pretty good. For those that weren't at the super secret pizza party. My last train - I was gonna get the last train so I could stay as long as possible. And then my last train got cancelled with little to no warning -

Chris 2:53

Oh, I didn't know this

Bret 2:54

with nowhere - Oh, yeah. No. So I had to like ask if anyone had a spare place to sleep. And fortunately Jess did. Because that was - it was much rather you than a random guest/attendee

Jess Anson 3:10

Well, you had Trent Shumway offering up a bed that didn't actually exist.

Bret 3:13

Yeah. That would have been very interesting.

Jess Anson 3:19

That'd be quite fun. I feel like. Sleepover with KFAM.

Bret 3:22

on a bed that doesn't exist. That's the main point of the problem

Jess Anson 3:27

If it had existed! If it had.

Bret 3:30

If it had, yeah.

Jess Anson 3:32

Anyway, I felt like a corpse the entire week,

Chris 3:35

Oh same

Jess Anson 3:37

I wasn't doing very well. I barely slept the night before. I took Night Nurse at 1am in the morning, which stayed in my system until about.. I would say about 2pm the next day. So the first half of PodUK I was just kind of.. harkening back to two minutes ago, I did feel like a ghost. And then the night after I didn't sleep at all. So that was fun. I mean that was okay cuz it was post event and you know, I didn't need to be awake. Yeah, everything was already done but it did kind of make me think like if we ever do a two day event.. How am I going to survive?

Chris 4:12

I think it'd be fine because the second day like you've already gone through one day you've - there's less like stuff to do at the very beginning. This is from my experiences like working in events and stuff like that. When things are multiple days. I always find the second day so much easier because like the beginning of the first day is the most difficult part and the end of the second day is difficult because you're taking everything down again. But the beginning of the second day is normally a breeze because just leave it all up and running from the previous day.

Jess Anson 4:42

Chris, how were you feeling on the day?