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PodUK will not return in-person in February 2021

Hi everyone,

This probably won't come as a huge surprise. Bit of a year this one, right? It's near impossible to believe that we were all together in February earlier this year, celebrating podcasting and bringing together people from around the world. Still pretty impossible to think that in May we hosted PodUK Goes Digital. We all know about the state of the world, and events have been hit particularly hard, so we were very lucky to have been able to host PodUK 2020 in February, before any of this really kicked off in the UK.

We booked preliminary dates in February for PodUK 2021 earlier this year in the hopes that things would improve enough to hold a full event, and we've been monitoring things constantly since.

We have ultimately decided that it isn't viable, safety-wise or financially, to host an in-person PodUK in February 2021, so the likelihood is it won't return in its entirety until 2022.

This isn't to say that it won't return at all - we would like to host another digital event for you all! So watch this space.

Apologies to those who were looking forward to an in-person 2021 event - it’s truly been a massive disappointment for us to not be able to continue the work we’ve been putting into the past couple of events, at least for the moment. We're only small so we truly appreciate our supporters and we definitely want to bring PodUK back when it's safe to do so!

- Jess, Chris & Eden

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