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PodUK: Who's it For?

PodUK: A Podcasting Fan Convention. But what does that mean, exactly? Podcasting is, after all, a huge spectrum, and we've had a few people asking what it is that we want to achieve at PodUK; what there is for different types of people. Who exactly we're making our event for. So here's a bit of a breakdown for you all!

Fans PodUK is, first and foremost, for the fans! People who not only listen to podcasts, but who dive into the lore; create their own content revolving around them; cosplay as a character; make friends who can understand the obscure references lost to, well, basically anybody else. People who's lives are, in some way, deeply affected by the media that they're consuming.

Conventions are fantastic places for making friends with people who are as in love with this media as you are, and they're important hubs for those who want real life interaction with something that's primarily online and intangible. We want to create a safe space where podcasting fans can do just that: celebrate their favourite media with people who love it just as much as they do. It could be through cosplay, fan meets, realising you and the person sitting next to you are absolutely in love with the same character, going to a meet n' greet, or even more besides! Plus, PodUK is a fantastic space for fans to indulge in new media, and join new communities.

Aspiring Podcasters

It's been said that 'let's make a podcast!' is the new 'let's make a band,' and there's certainly some truth in that. After all, at its core, all you need to make a podcast is a microphone and recording software, and nowadays we have that at our fingertips with smart phones. There are no limitations - you can talk about whatever you like, whatever you're passionate about, for as long as you like. Podcasting is independent radio, and it's becoming one of the most popular ways to express our creativity.

At PodUK we want to help people tap in to that creative energy; help you get inspired and discover new ways of making things happen. To do that, we're going to be holding multiple networking sessions, hold workshops for aspiring podcasters to learn the ropes, hold panels on growing podcasts, and more to come! There's no better well of creativity than being surrounded by likeminded people to bounce ideas off of and get inspired by, after all.


Want to get your podcast heard? Where better to draw in new fans than at a convention filled with podcast lovers?! Network to your heart's content, hand out flyers, chat to other podcasters - get the word out! You never know; you might find your next biggest fan at PodUK!

As much we we'd love to host every podcast out there, we only have enough slots for 10 'official guesting' podcasters during the day, but we know there are so many more out there! With that in mind, we want all podcasters to feel welcome to come along and network, meet their fans, make some new ones - you don't have to be on stage to be involved in PodUK!

So, really? PodUK is for everyone. Come and join in for a day that's pure podcasting! Grab your tickets now at

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