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PodUK Weekly Roundup - 6th December

As we draw closer to February, we have a very nearly finished schedule that's jam-packed with amazing stuff that we're sure you guys are going to love! This week we have been able to announce a few more things from it, including...:


We're so pleased to let you know that some of the cast & crew from We're Alive will be coming on over to PodUK 2020! They'll be meeting their UK fans for the first time, as well as heading up a We're Alive themed panel & workshop! (Keep up with our Twitter or Facebook to find out when free reserve tickets for each are available.) Check out their website for more information, or for tickets head on over to our Eventbrite page.


We announced our final performer this week - ESCAPE ARTISTS! Escape Artists produce a truly incredible amount of audio fiction under various different names (Pseudopod, Ecape Pod, Cast of Wonders, Podcastle), and they'll be bringing a variety of them to their PodUK performance.


King Falls AM Meet n' Greet tickets are now available to reserve! These are free, but are limited as we will only have so long to hold the meet n' greet, so make sure you get yours now! Get them HERE. If you don't already have your PodUK entry ticket, check out this blog post for all information on King Falls specific tickets.


We announced our first workshop (of 5!) this week: Business 101 For Your Podcast, hosted by lawyer & co-runner of Escape Artists Margeurite Kenner.

"The creative work is done, but what about everything else? Escape Artists co-owner and technology lawyer Marguerite Kenner walks you through all the business basics you need to set your podcast up for success."

Free reserve tickets are available HERE.


Due to the time of year not allowing for enough writing time, we have extended the deadline of the LGBT script writing competition! You now have until the 26th December to get your entries in! Rules & submission details can all be found HERE.

See you next week!

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