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PodUK Weekly Roundup - 3rd January

Happy new year, everyone!

We're nearly there! Less than a month to go until PodUK 2020! We've announced all our workshops, all our panels and all our liveshows, and tickets are starting to run pretty low. Our goal this year is 300 attendees - if we could hit it, that would just be the most fantastic start to 2020. If you're umm-ing and aah-ing, know that there are just over fifty tickets left, and we've sold around half that in the last three days!

Secure your ticket at our Eventbrite page, or if you want to help support the amazing King Falls AM's trip to the UK and buy a ticket at the same time, grab yours from their website. We can't guarantee tickets at the door, so make sure to get yours beforehand!

We're also on the lookout for volunteers to help us in the panel room, auditorium, and Platform area. If you think you can help us out, contact us!

Want to know what we've got going on? Check out the official schedule & schedule guide.

Want to know who's performing live? Check out our website.

We'll be announcing the list of podcasters appearing at the Podcaster's Promenade soon, as well!


Make sure to check out our wonderful PodUK 2020 Sponsors:

The Podcast Host | The Audio Drama Hub | Cornucopia Radio | A.D Infinitum | Alternative Stories and Fake Realities


The Amelia Project are bringing out the big guns for their PodUK 2020 performance, and we can promise you, you won't want to miss this one. They're creating an entire new episode, plus alongside their series regulars Alan Burgon (The Interviewer) & Julia Thorne (Alvina), they're bringing along Felix Trench (Wooden Overcoats, Quid Pro Euro) and Emily Stride (Wooden Overcoats, BBC's 'Eastenders') as guest actors!


We announced our final workshop, hosted by What Am I Rolling & Power Word Roll. "There's nothing like a really good story to help your listeners get invested, but writing an engaging narrative can be tricky and hard to maintain. Learn to become an epic storyteller in this workshop, whether you're monologuing like 'Welcome to Night Vale' or working as a team like 'The Adventure Zone', you can create a podcast that's always worth tuning in for!"

Reserve your ticket on our Eventbrite page!

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