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PodUK Weekly RoundUp 22nd November

What a week! As we edge closer and closer to February 1st, some really exciting things are happening, including, of course, our announcement earlier this week that KING FALLS AM are coming all the way over from sunny California to join us in freezing Birmingham! Make sure you read this blog post if you want to purchase PodUK tickets to see KFAM - the process is a little different. Make sure to check out those merch packages in particular - you wont be able to get them in the UK any other time!

King Falls AM will be getting stuck in during the entire day to ensure you get the best chance possible to interact with them, which includes performing their second ever Beyond The Falls Live!!! Check out their official trailer HERE.


We've announced our first (of many!) panels, and it's one for all you actual play fans - Ellie Sparrow of Flintlocks & Fireballs and Maxamillion John of The Infinite Bad & Pax Fortuna! are joining together to give you advice on creating your very own actual play podcast! After its success at London Podfest earlier this year, we can't wait to host this one for you guys!


Submissions are open for the rest of the month for our DASHINGLY QUIRKY script writing competition! How are your scripts doing? The winning submissions will be performed with a full live cast & foley at PodUK 2020! The theme is LGBT+, which we're so glad to be repping at PodUK.


This week's podcast recommendations:

Bret: Darknet Diaries. It's a show that tell true stories about hacking, cybercrimes, hacktivism and all the other scary shit people can do with computers. I recommend the two-parter on how the Xbox 360 was hacked before it even came out.

Chris: Nice Try is a podcast about the search for true utopian living, and how there's no such thing as a utopia. Avery Trufelman takes a detailed looks at history's attempts to create the perfect community: their failures, their successes, and whether or not a utopia is actually just a cult by another name.

Jess: I've finally gotten to starting The Penumbra Podcast and although I haven't got too far in just yet, I'm loving it! The noir aesthetic, the great characters (Juno Steel tho), the queer rep - yes, yes, yes! Go check it out.

Also, Bret & Jess have started a brand new podcast! They're talking everything The Adventure Zone in their fancast, The Expedition Place. TAZ is the podcast that sparked PodUK and brought the people who created it together, so it seemed like a natural progression to start a podcast about it! Give our first episode on TAZ: Balance a listen, and let us know: how did you get into TAZ?

As always, tickets to PodUK 2020 are available HERE. (Unless you're coming for King Falls AM, in which case, see above!)

See you next week!

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