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PodUK Weekly Roundup

This week in PodUK!


The Dashingly Quirky script writing competition for PodUK 2020 is now accepting submissions! Click here to find out all the information on what to write about, how to submit, and who'll be reading your submissions. TL;DR, we're looking for 10 minute scripts that focus on the theme of LGBT+, the winning two of which will be performed on stage at PodUK 2020!

We're excited to be working with Sarah Golding (MADIVA, Quirky Voices) and Fiona Thraille (Dashing Onions) to bring your scripts to life at PodUK. Part of our goal in putting on PodUK is to help inspire creativity, and to help indie writers get their work out to a wider audience. With a competition like this, we can work to achieving both of these goals, while pushing the visibility of LGBT+ stories! All three PodUK team members are LGBT+, and we know many of out attendees are also a part of the community, so it only makes sense for us to give it a (literal) platform at our event.

Submissions are open until the 5th December. Get writing!


PodUK now has a Tumblr account! Go and follow for quality podcast related reblogs.


A huge thank you to everyone who donated to our Indiegogo campaign! We are busy behind the scenes getting everyone's perks ready, so keep an eye on your inboxes.

If you want to help support us, please do so at our Ko-fi. If you missed out on an Indiegogo perk, contact us via the link up at the top of the page and let us know. We'll be happy to help!

Podcast Recommendations of the Week

Jess: I've been keeping up with Wooden Overcoat's new Funn Fragments, short stories written by various talented members of the audio drama community that give us small windows into the lives of the Wooden Overcoats characters. WO have been raising money for their final season, and the Funn Fragments have been a great stop-gap while we wait! Check them out, and if you haven't listened to WO, do yourself a massive favour and listen to one of the best audio dramas out there.

Bret: Go listen to Life's a Pitch! They pitch films that don't exist yet, using crowd-sourced titles such as My Wedding to 37,000 Spiders, The Sky is Just Bin Liners, My Hamster is KGB and many, many more. Check out the episode 'The Toilet Man' - you might hear a familiar voice in there.

Chris: On the subject of movies, Blank Check with Griffin Newman (The Tick) and David Sims is well worth checking out. It looks at movie makers who received 'blank checks' to create their passion projects. The recent episode where Griffin McElroy guests to talk about Princess Mononoke is a great place to start.

Coming Soon

Some performer announcements we're extremely excited about! Panel announcements! New PodUKast episodes?! A brand new podcast venture entirely?!? And more!! We can't wait :)

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