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PodUK Weekly Round-Up - 17th Jan

2 more weeks to go, everyone!

We've got a couple of new things to tell you about this week - firstly some sponsors, and we also have new Promenade information!

We're thrilled that podcasting powerhouse ACAST will be supporting us this year!

Acast is the world’s biggest podcast company and the engine powering creators, advertisers and listeners everywhere. They host and monetise the best shows around, including My Dad Wrote A Porno, Off Menu, Griefcast, David Tennant Does a Podcast With and The Adam Buxton Podcast, and podcasts from publishers such as the BBC, The Times, the Guardian, The Economist, VICE and Vogue.

Acast will be supporting PodUK as our official Panel Room sponsor.

We're also so grateful to be supported this year by fantastic THE PODCAST HOST! The Podcast Host teaches you how to launch, run & grow a successful show. Including planning, equipment, editing, monetisation; learn every part of podcasting. Join their academy today!

Make sure to also check out their editing software, ALITU: The Podcast Maker, The Podcast Host's podcast editing software! Crafting, editing, publishing, automation - all the tools you need to create your dream show.


The Podcaster's Promenade is booked out with some amazing creators - here's a comprehensive list and map to show you who's going to be where! (This map will also be in the booklet you'll receive on the day.)

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