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PodUK Virtual Pizza Party 2021, Return of Twitch Streaming!

We're having a party!!!

On Sunday 7th February, 18:00 - 22:00 GMT, we'll be over on our Twitch channel hosting our first virtual pizza party!

It's a huge disappointment to all involved that we can't host a real, in-person PodUK in the coming weeks, and so we wanted to celebrate and pay homage to what could have been by taking the after-party virtual! We'll be gaming, chatting, reminiscing, and maybe even eating a bit of pizza. Not only that, podcasters, we want you to join in the fun!

Sign-ups are open to come join us and play some Jackbox or a few sessions of Among Us - get in touch with us for more details! Or alternatively send us a message (written, recorded, however you feel!) telling us about your favourite PodUK moments that we can look at live on stream.

That's not all - we're going to be starting up regular Twitch streams, and as well as casual streams with Team PodUK, we're going to be bringing on loads of podcaster guests! Want to play games with us? Chat with us? Record a podcast episode with us? We'll be opening sign-ups soon.

We'll be bringing you livestreams every Sunday evening - make sure to follow us on Twitch and on Twitter to have all the up-to-the-minute updates!

See you all there!

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