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PodUK Returns For Episode 2!

After a highly successful first event in February this year, the UK’s only fan-focused podcasting convention is officially returning to Birmingham’s Millennium Point on February 1st for take two: PodUK 2020! Tickets are available now from Eventbrite at only £15 for the Early Bird tier, or check out to learn more about the event.

PodUK 2019 saw podcasting fans and creators alike flock to Birmingham’s gorgeous Millennium Point venue to celebrate everything #BritPodScene. There was something for everyone, with incredible performances from featured podcasters such as Wooden Overcoats, NoSleep, Victoriocity, We Fix Space Junk, The Orphans, How We Roll, Death In Ice Valley, and the chance for attendees to mingle with the creative minds behind them. Not to mention fantastic workshops that taught attendees the ins and outs of podcast production, from editing to sound production; from interviewing to voice acting!

Next February, PodUK is coming back for another round. “Although there are a decent number of great podcasting events around the UK, a huge majority of them are posited as more business orientated ‘conferences’, which isn’t the background I come from; I’m more used to the Comic Cons of the world, where fans take precedence and celebration of what you love is the heart of the event. We wanted to create that kind of space specifically for podcasting fans,” says event manager Jess Anson.

“Through PodUK 2019, we succeeded in creating a podcasting event that focused primarily on the independent side of the industry, and, it was just an amazing bringing together of some of the warmest, creative people I could hope to meet. It went better than we as a team could have hoped, and with that in mind, it only made sense to get working on the second event almost immediately! We’re glad to be able to announce it today, along with our first featured guest…”

Make sure you’ve got your cocoa to hand; first on the PodUK 2020 performance roster is British Podcast Awards’ nominated audio fiction podcast The Amelia Project! Do you need a new identity? Need to fake your own death in the most ostentatious way possible? Amelia have got your back – and this time, they’re coming to you from the live stage!

Do you want to be involved in PodUK 2020? Here are just a few ways you can do just that:

Want to perform your podcast live? You’re in luck - applications to perform at PodUK 2020 are now open! You can find all details on applying here.

Want to help sponsor PodUK 2020? Thank you for your interest! You can find all information relevant to PodUK 2020 sponsorship, including attendee breakdowns and sponsorship packages, here.

You can follow @teampoduk on Twitter for all news updates related to PodUK 2020, and make sure to also subscribe to the PodUKast, a podcast where the team behind PodUK hold casual conversations with audio artists, helping to bring more British podcasts into the spotlight.

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