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Meet the PodUK Team!

Name: Jess [She/Her]

Team Position: Event Manager

About Me: I'm just a fan who wants to help other fans have fantastic experiences! I've been going to comic cons and fan conventions for years, and it made me realise - bringing like-minded people together is my passion, and conventions are my lifeblood. So where else could I go but into convention planning? In my free time, you can find me poring over PodUK spreadsheets or hanging out with my cat. Or my friends. But mostly my cat.

Favourite Podcasts: The Adventure Zone, Wooden Overcoats, No Such Thing as a Fish, What Should We Draw


Name: Bret [They/Them]

Team Position: Marketing/Branding

About Me: Magician, Pokétuber, Streamer, I wear many hats. But the important two in this case are the Design and Marketing one, and the one that says "I am almost definitely listening to a podcast right now". When PodUK became a thing, it was impossible for me not to get involved! Favourite Podcasts: Reply All, Answer Me This!, Hello Internet & Trends Like These


Name: Chris [He/Him] Team Position: AV Technomancer

About Me: I've been listening to podcasts for almost a decade, but I've only really had an awareness of the community around them for the last two years. My expertise lies in AV and IT, and so I'm the technical guy in the team, working with the venue to provide the podcasters with all the tech they need to perform and record their podcasts at the event. When I'm not playing with microphones and sound desks, I'm spending my time planning tabletop roleplaying sessions and designing my own board games, like a nerd.

Favourite Podcasts: MBMBaM, BomBARDed, Jordan Jesse Go, Hello from the Magic Tavern


Name: Liss [They/Them]

Team Position: Communication/Chief Cheerleader

About Me: I work as the part of the team who provides light comic relief (by playing the Wii Music theme tune in our team meetings randomly) and who won’t take no for an answer. I am here to keep everyone chirpy and positive! I’m also pretty good at talking to people, so I help with emails and requests from people about being involved with PodUK. I’m relatively new to the podcast scene- I only found them about 2 years ago- but the friends I’ve met since I started getting involved in podcasting fan communities mean I’m here to stay, and I want to make sure that other people like me can find friends just like I have.

Favourite Podcasts: The Adventure Zone, My Dad Wrote A Porno, Wooden Overcoats, Friends at the Table


For all PodUK information, and to buy your tickets, click HERE!

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