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King Falls AM at PodUK 2020!

Updated: Jan 1, 2020

We are so excited to be able to announce that KING FALLS AM are going to be coming all the way from the US to PodUK 2020 to perform their second ever BEYOND THE FALLS live show! They'll be here primarily to meet UK fans and perform Beyond the Falls live, but they'll be participating in loads of stuff during the day, as well, including panels and a meet n' greet!

Important Information!

If you're a King Falls AM fan and want to book your ticket to PodUK to see them live, please make sure to head on over to THEIR WEBSITE and purchase a ticket &/or ticket & merch package from there, rather than using our Eventbrite page. Not only do KFAM get proceeds towards travel & accommodation this way, (plus it gets around the Eventbrite fees) but you can get your hands on KFAM merch in the UK for the first time ever! You won't be able to do this anywhere else, guys; for now, it's a PodUK exclusive!

Once you've got your ticket, you can head on over to the official PodUK 2020 Eventbrite page to reserve your spaces on KFAM themed activities during the day - or others, if you like! Remember, you don't need to reserve tickets for the live show. For the PodUK schedule, click here.

Questions we've seen pop up:

- Can I reserve my meet n' greet space?

Yes, here!

- Do I need to book through King Fall's website? If you want to directly support this fantastic podcast and the guys coming over, then the answer is an emphatic YES. It'll help both us and King Falls massively. The link again:

- Will the live show be ticketed?

No, live shows at PodUK are a free-for-all, as the IMAX can host 300 people. The meet n' greet is ticketed, but it'll only be free tickets to ensure we can keep track of numbers.

- I'm travelling to Birmingham, help!

Can do. Check out our blog post that details some nearby hotels, how to get to Birmingham, and how to walk to our venue once you're there:

We cannot wait to see you all there! It's going to be a blast!

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