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Guest Post: Podcaster's Promenade

Written by Becky Starling (@BirdieMines on twitter)


And, just like that, PodUK is done and dusted for another year. I've spent the week reflecting and connecting. So here are some thoughts from your resident Promenade Raptor.

My role in all this is fairly simple, I turn up and bring the hype. But there is one thing that makes that easy as pie for me: everyone else. If everyone else is excited or open to being excited then all I have to do is leap around and make sure you all know what amazing things are happening and when.

It's my job to stay on the Promenade and keep you up to date. So, even though I miss out on the panels and live shows, I actually have the best job! I get to meet everyone, I get to look at all the stalls and discover new podcasts and people. My lanyard was laden with badges, my bumbag heaving with cards and leaflets (and snacks!) from all the amazing stands. The diversity across all 30 tables was incredible. We had Space Jam next to bearded, roleplaying hipsters. Horror podcasters back to back with adorable, hand knitted softies.

[Boo Makes Things, The Amelia Project & Gamma Radio on the Podcaster's Promenade, as taken by Michael Hudson of the Audio Drama Hub]

I made it my aim to give every single represented podcast a shout out, hoping to entice people to do the same as me. It's very easy to stick with what you know, but PodUK makes it easy to discover the new and shiny, the weird and wonderful.

Last year everything was new to me, I didn't expect to be handed a microphone and I didn't know how the event was going to be received. No one did! The pressure was on to impress and also to gauge reaction. And oh boy, what a reaction. It was one of the warmest vibes I have ever felt. The adrenaline I felt was addictive and I knew that I wanted to repeat the experience. Jess, Bret and Chris trusted me to do the job again for 2020 and I couldn't have been happier!

I'm going to try and keep this short and sweet because I could waffle on and gush about PodUK 2020 for pages! So let me just make a few shout outs and thanks and leave this page on a big 'to be continued...'

David Ault, you magnificent creature! I think you are my spirit beast. [See the beautiful calibre of their interactions in We Fix Space Junk's tweet below..! - Jess]

To all my No Sleep beauties - you helped me when I started to droop, you fascinate me and make me question the very fabric of our existence. I love how many strong and inspiring women you have on your team. You are #goals.

The beautiful ladies of Y2K, Seren etc, you were chocolate temptresses but you never failed to make me smile.

To all those I made mischief with - from Claggy Seepage role playing cards, hat stealing antics, secreted notes, kazoo tooting, fruit feeding, Furby hurling to exclusive, floor based panels - THANK YOU.

Anyway, Birdie over and out. See you at PodUK 2021!

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