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"[PodUK] was one of the kindest, most supportive podcast events I’ve ever been to, with strangers striking up conversations in the halls and plenty of listener-talent mingling."

-  Caroline Crampton
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PodUK is a one-day celebration of UK Podcasting, with Panels, Q&A's, Recordings and Workshops ranging from podcast creation to fandom culture.  Although there are a decent number of great podcasting events around the UK, a huge majority of them are posited as more business orientated ‘conferences’, which isn’t the background we come from; we're more used to the Comic Cons of the world, where fans take precedence and celebration of what you love is the heart of the event. We wanted to create that kind of space specifically for podcasting fans, and with PodUK, we've suceeded.


At PodUK 2019, we were host to some incredible podcasts: Wooden Overcoats, Victoriocity, Death In Ice Valley, We Fix Space Junk, How We Roll, The Orphans

Millennium Point

Curzon Street


B4 7XG



Millennium Point is the award winning iconic venue in Birmingham’s Eastside. They've got a range of versatile event spaces from meeting rooms to a whopping 350 seat Auditorium.  They're also a charity which uses profits from their commercial activity to invest back into the region to support science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) and education.



Early Bird


General Admission


Panels, Workshops


Access & Carers

Please click here for more information: 

King Falls AM Ticket Packages

Purchase your general admission ticket from the KFAM website to support their appearance at PodUK 2020!  Acts the same as an Eventbrite general admission ticket!

Purchasing general entry ticket gives you access to the entire event!  You don't have to pay for separate liveshows, workshops or meet n' greets - one ticket pays for the whole experience!

To attend workshops or meet n' greets, free tickets are required - you can acquire these HERE.  Liveshow attendance will NOT be ticketed - attendees can come and go as they please.

Please read our TERMS & CONDITIONS prior to purchasing a ticket.



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Want to sponsor PodUK?  Take a look at our various sponsorship opportunities HERE.



For more information about listed activities, take a look at this blog post.

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Partnered With


We are proud to be partnered with a local charity for this year's event: Birmingham Community Health Care, NHS.  One of their volunteers, a local Birmingham podcaster, told us more about the charity and what it does for the community: 


 "Birmingham Community Healthcare (BCHC) Charity exists to enhance patient’s experience while they’re under the care of BCHC services. We fund the ‘extras’ such as items, projects, activities, research and training courses that are not covered by the core NHS funds.

These extras are the sorts of things that bring a smile to our patients of all ages and their families and carers, and can range from smaller things like books, toys and toiletries all the way up to huge projects like our therapeutic playground for children with prosthetic limbs. We’ve renovated garden areas, funded beautiful murals, thrown festive parties with food, drink and gifts, provided sensory lighting spaces, entertained patients with music, magic and days out, and loads more! Visit our website to find out more."

You can chat to BCHC volunteers to learn more about their ventures and help donate toward their cause at their Promenade table!  We look forward to seeing them at PodUK.



We have a limited number of press passes available - please fill in this form to apply.