Entry into PodUK

How will I get into PodUK?

We'll have our registration desk set up just outside the Platform area of Millennium Point, where you can show your ticket and receive your entry wristband.

Do I need ID to get into PodUK?

No, you do not.

Is there an age limit for PodUK?

No, but please be aware that minors will need to be accompanied by an adult - PodUK will not be responsible for looking after you!

Is there disabled access?

Millennium Point is fully disabled accessible. We will be selling access tickets free with a carer ticket attached - please see here for more information.

Will you accept walk-ins on the day?

This is entirely dependant on ticket sales - keep updated on our social media, where you can find out if we have tickets left!

What are the PodUK opening hours?

Doors will open at 09:00, and start closing at 18:00 with an 18:30 close at the latest.


Can I cosplay?

Of course! We wholeheartedly encourage it, in fact!

Do I need to sign up for workshops/signings/meet n' greets/etc?

We will be releasing free meet n' greet tickets, as these will be limited to 15 people per MnG. We will be releasing paid tickets for signings. All other activities are non-ticketed.

Is there a cloak room?

There will be a bespoke cloak room at the PodUK entry desk for you to leave your coats and bags if you wish. Our team will take every measure to ensure your property is kept safe, however, PodUK is not liable for any items that go missing or are damaged during the event.


Do I need to print out my ticket?

Nope, we will be using Eventbrite so we can scan the QR code on your mobile. Be environmentally friendly if you can!

Where can I buy tickets?

We are using Eventbrite - you can find the page to buy your tickets here. Tickets may be available on the door, subject to demand.

Can I get a refund on my ticket?

We are not offering refunds, however you may transfer your ticket over to somebody else using Eventbrite.

The guest I wanted to see has cancelled, can I get a refund?

Unfortunately not. Transfers are acceptable.

What does my ticket cover?

Entry to the event, and all activities therein! We aren't charging extra for live shows, meet n' greets.. it's all in the base price. Not bad, right?

Photography & Filming

Can I take photographs or film at the event?

AUDITORIUM - You may take photographs, but please do not use flash - this can distract the performers and disrupt live streaming. We ask that you do not film or livestream yourself in the Auditorium, as Rocksalt Events & Present Communication will be livestreaming the event. PLATFORM - You may take photographs and film in the Platform area. The only stipulation here is if you are attending a meet n' greet or signing with a guest - please ask their permission beforehand! Please also ask before taking photos of or with cosplayers. CONNECT - As with meet n' greets, please ask for permission from the host before taking photographs or filming at a workshop. PLEASE NOTE - If you would like to film/record with professional equipment at PodUK, we ask that you apply for a press pass to do so. You may be asked to put away your equipment if you do not have a pass.

I would like a press pass, what are my restrictions on filming and photography?

If you successfully apply for a press pass, we can discuss what you can and cannot film on a case by case basis, but generally speaking you will have freedom across the event. We would still ask for you to not use flash in the Auditorium while talks are in progress, of course!

Will I be photographed or filmed at PodUK?

Quite possibly! Our terms and conditions state that you agree to be filmed and photographed, either by other attendees, our guests or press photographers.

Terms & Conditions

By ordering tickets, you acknowledge that you have read and agreed to our terms and conditions.

Tickets 1. All attendees must hold a ticket to be allowed entry.
2. Tickets are non-refundable except in the unlikely event of the event’s cancellation. We will allow transfers through Eventbrite.
2. We reserve the right to cancel an order if we feel there has been a breach of terms.
3. Attendees without a ticket on the day of the event may be turned away depending on ticket availability. Entry 1. We reserve the right to turn people away at the door or to dismiss them from the event should we have reason to believe an attendee is exhibiting socially destructive behaviour.
2. Upon entry all attendees will be given a wristband/lanyard. Re-entry will only be permitted for those who can show their wristband/lanyard at the front desk. Photography 1. Ticket purchasers agree that they may be photographed and filmed at this event, and their image may be used for PR purposes. 2. Photography is permitted in all areas of the event unless otherwise stated by staff. 3. Photography compromising common decency is prohibited. We reserve the right to eject any attendees we deem to have broken this term. The Event 1. Guest appearances are subject to work & personal commitments. 2. We reserve the right to eject attendees from performances for breaching terms and conditions, e.g. filming during a performance. 3. We will not be liable for any loss or damage of personal property during the event.

PodUK Goes Digital

How can I watch the stream?

We will be streaming PodUK Goes Digital on our Twitch channel - click HERE to go straight there!

How can I participate in workshops?

Workshops will be held in a dedicated voice channel on our official Discord server.

How do I get my podcast involved?

We are taking trailers for podcasts to be shown between shows, and we can also accept a few 'ads reads' if a trailer isn't possible. More information HERE.