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PodUK is a one-day celebration of UK Podcasting, with Panels, Q&A's, Recordings and Workshops ranging from podcast creation to fandom culture.  We aren’t particularly interested in the corporate side of podcasting; PodUK is all about establishing a light-hearted, geek-centric environment for podcasting and podcaster fans.



General Admission


Meet n Greets, Workshops


Access & Carers

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Purchasing general entry ticket gives you access to the entire event!  You don't have to pay for separate liveshows, workshops or meet n' greets - one ticket pays for the whole experience!

To attend workshops or meet n' greets, free tickets are required - you can acquire these HERE.  Liveshow attendance will NOT be ticketed - attendees can come and go as they please.

Please read our TERMS & CONDITIONS prior to purchasing a ticket.



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Espresso and Cookies

PodUK Hob n' Nob


9:30 - 10:45 

Networking, chatting and biscuits!  Start off your day right; you can meet new people, find out about new podcasts, promote your own, and eat some biscuits while you're at it!

Coaching for Geeks: Podcasting Coaching Session

Platform - 

11:00 - 11:45

Join Robin Bates, the bonafide life coach for geeks, for a group coaching session with the primary topic of - you guessed it - podcasting!  If you've got problems, Robin can help.

Sarah Golding's Voice Acting Workshop

13:00 - 14:15 

The Voice Acting workshop is a whistle stop interactive tour summarising ways in to Voice Acting for indie Audio Drama. From voice reel creation to auditioning via communicating, basic mic technique, finding work, financial investment in your career, keeping buoyant, and branding, social media, organising yourself with CRM’s and more, this is a must-do workshop for anyone wanting to voice act. We’ll also play with a few accents, look at further training, ways of getting an agent and being ‘discovered’, and explore other avenues of voice work that might be more lucrative than audio drama! 



Join Sarah Golding in an interactive and fun whirlwind whistle stop tour of what it takes to kick start your Voice Acting career in indie audio drama. Be prepared to try on a few accents, think about yourself as a brand and join in....don’t be shy!

Painting Stories With Sound: Audio Editing For Storytellers


14:30 - 16:30

Let’s face it, creating a podcast as a storyteller can get complicated. What if it didn’t have to be?

Telling a great story is your core competence, but how can you concentrate on that when you need to create a broadcast-quality podcast without a professional engineer?

In this hands-on workshop, Nick Dunkerley, Creative Director and designer of Hindenburg software will equip you with the basic skills you need to produce a high-quality podcast, including setting up a multitrack session, making your vocals crisp and clear, basic editing techniques for natural sounding conversation and some simple buff and shine techniques.

 You will learn to:
⁃        Import audio from different sources and formats.
⁃        Record local and phone interviews.
⁃        Organise your raw tape.
⁃        Make basic automations (Ducks, soundbeds, edits, fades, etc).
⁃        Make advanced automations (Multitrack editing).
⁃        Set levels correctly for different formats.
⁃        Use plugins (EQ, noise reduction, compression).
⁃        Export and upload your final product.

We will work in Hindenburg Journalist PRO and all attendees will receive a 6-month trial to allow them to practice their skills afterwards.  You'll need a laptop for this workshop!

Hindenburg is the only audio editor specifically designed to allow you to concentrate on telling your story without spending all your energy on the technical stuff.

Sound Design in Podcasting with Zach & Hedley


16:45 - 18:15

Zachary and Hedley take you through the world of sound design from two different angles: concept and execution. From the thoughts behind what sounds have what effect and what you need to take your audience into the world of your show, to the technical side of routing, processing and effects.  Beginners, advanced podcasters and aspiring podcasters alike will get an insight into different workflows in post-production, and hopefully feel inspired to get creating!


Millennium Point

Curzon Street


B4 7XG



Millennium Point is the award winning iconic venue in Birmingham’s Eastside. They've got a range of versatile event spaces from meeting rooms to a whopping 350 seat Auditorium.  They're also a charity which uses profits from their commercial activity to invest back into the region to support science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) and education.




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