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Want your own little bit of PodUK 2020?  You've come to the right place!  

For PodUK 2020, we are introducing the Podcaster's Promenade, a space for podcasters to show off their creations, promote their stuff and sell their merch!  Our tables at PodUK 2019 were by far some of the most popular spots at the con, and so we are expanding by placing tables all across Millennium Point's Platform.  Want to book one?  There are limited numbers!  Before booking, please have a read of the rules...

1) You must be a PodUK ticket holder to book a Promenade table.  You may bring as many helpers as you like, but they must all hold a PodUK ticket. 

2) There will be 2 chairs provided per table.  
3) A table will cost £10 to book.  You may book a maximum of 2 tables if you feel you will need the space.  Tables are non-refundable so please ensure you are sure you would like one before applying.

4) You may use your table however you wish - within reason of course!  Feel feel to bring along your own stands, banners, promotional materials, etc.  Check out these photos for some ideas!
5) Your property is your own responsibility.  Rocksalt Events Ltd. & Millennium Point will not be held liable for any losses of personal property or money.

6) Rocksalt Events Ltd. reserves the right to refuse a table to any applicant they deem unsuitable.

Sound good?  Please fill in this form to get your special table ticket code!